A watch is a precision instrument with many moving parts and needs to be serviced regularly to maintain optimum performance and to ensure that it functions correctly.Time between servicing depend upon the technology of the model, the climate, environment and conditions in which it is used and the individual care taken by the owner of the watch.

Seiko UK Service Centre

UK Service Centre

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Send your Seiko for a Service or Repair

Standard Movement/Mechanism Service -  a trained watchmaker or highly skilled technician will conduct a thorough diagnostic examination of the watch and movement. 

  1. Where applicable a new Seiko battery will be fitted, free of charge, and the seal will be replaced to restore water resistance to the original standard.
  2. The casing and bracelet will be brushed and ultrasonically tank cleaned.
  3. The watch timing and energy consumption will be tested using the latest electronic equipment and 50m+ water resistant watches will be pressure tested to the relevant specification. 

Bracelet and Strap Replacement - including repairs and adjustments.  

Part Jobs - (glass, stem and crown, dial and/or hands etc.) - For all part jobs where the case back is removed we will fit a new Seiko battery free of charge. Gaskets will be replaced where applicable and the watch will be pressure tested to ensure that it conforms to the original specification of water resistance. 

Battery & Re-sealing - Seiko is one of only a few fully-integrated watch companies in the world, and we are proud to be able to produce all of our critical watch components in-house, including 99% of our watch batteries. Our expertise is unrivalled in this field. We are able to manufacture environmentally-friendly batteries to the highest standards to ensure longevity - making them ideal for watches which demand high accuracy.

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