"The Town that Relies on Seiko"

"For many years until recently I have been responsible for regulating the 19th century turret clock by Smith’s of Derby in our Parish church here in Southwold. When doing this I have relied entirely on the unvarying reliability of the watch I bought some 10 years ago as it only advances between 1 and 2 seconds in a fortnight, never as much as 3.

Many thanks" 

John Uden

"A Watch for Radio"

“I don’t usually write “thank you” emails to anyone but just felt inspired to say what a f a n t a s t i c watch the Seiko Prospex Kinetic Divers Watch (SKA369P1) is – it is everything I’ve been looking for in a watch for years!

I take part in lots of active sports competitions including; The Men's Health Survivals of the Fittest and The Spartan Race, and this watch can take all the knocks (and muddy water) without flinching. It always comes out looking great and, to cap it all, never misses a beat when it comes to accuracy. I am ex-army and think this should be standard issue.

During my day job as an international voiceover I rely on the accuracy of the kinetic movement to time radio and TV commercials; it’s absolutely perfect and never even needs a battery!

After a few years I decided to customize the watch by adding a different strap, which I think looks great.

I’m delighted to share my experiences of this brilliantly designed timepiece. Keep up the great work Seiko!”

Anthony Richardson

"A Lifelong Friend"

"I just want to say a big thank you for taking the trouble to repair my Seiko watch (Sports 150), which I have had for many years. When you repaired it last week for me I understand that you had to replace the entire movement as the original was out dated now.

I am very grateful for your efforts as this watch has been extremely reliable throughout the 15 to 20 years since I first bought it. It has never let me down and always keeps perfect time. I have always taken it with me around the globe and both swum and dived in it.

It may interest you to know that a lifelong friend of mine was a watchmaker and when Seiko first came into the UK he advised that I buy one as he personally ranked them extremely competitively for their superlative quality.  I am so glad that I took his advice and that thanks to you I can look forward to many more years of service from this watch. Sadly my friend is no longer with us but my watch still is, and will always remind me of him.

I write this because sometimes a watch is not just a watch, and by telling you this story I hope you will appreciate the sentiment in what you have done for me your customer.

The Seiko goes everywhere with me.

Many, many thanks"

Trevor Northan

"Sleeping with the Fishes"

“I would like to say how incredible your watches are. I dropped my Seiko Quartz (SUP878P9) into my koi pond in April 2011 and couldn’t locate it... that was until my pond drained later that year in December 2011. There, at the bottom of the pond, the watch lay in the place it had been for 8 months (yet it looked as good as ever).

I put it on the aga for 10 minutes and, believe it or not, it was working perfectly! I took it to the jewellers to make sure there was no water inside it and to replace the battery. He was amazed that it was still working... with accuracy!”  

Ian Nicholson